What's New @ B & C Industrial Products? 
If you are looking to stay up to date with what's going on here, you are in the right place! We are changing for the better and becoming more and more of an online presence to keep up with our customers demands. We strive to provide not only a great experience but also to build great relationships with our customers. B & C takes pride in helping our contacts become successful in their respective industries no matter how big or small. 

B & C Industrial Products is showcasing our Online SMO Catalog and B & C's own Webstore. The Online SMO Catalog features products ranging from cabinets to work benches. Learning how to use this resource will make sure the products you need are simply at your fingertips. We are making a push to help our customers enter the new age of internet commerce. We also are showcasing our standalone Online Webstore which features Casters readily stocked in our warehouse as well as simple material handling products. Our store is in a new phase of growth, in which should include the addition of thousands of additional products.

Total Lock Casters | Lock your Wheel & Swivel Simultaneously

Important Caster terminology everyone should know when choosing the best caster for the application.

2D and 3D drawings now availble for QC Automation Series low profile conveyors. Contact B&C Industrial Products today to request your QC Automation Series low profile conveyor drawings. Check out the full line of QC Industries low profile conveyors

Hamilton introduces the new Ultralast Wheel with same day shipment on select sizes. B&C Industrial Products recommends the Ultralast Wheels for continuous duty/power-towed, and higher speed applications on smooth surfaces.

B&C Industrial Products was awarded "Master Distributor" status.

B&C Industrial Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their new website.

Caster Concepts, Inc. announces the release of a noise reducing, shock absorption caster built on patented ultra-compact shock absorption technology, developed in part with funding from the National Institutes of Health.