Achieve your buildings full potential with a Starrco Modular Office System


Starrco offers a wide variety of Modular Office Systems from a single user office to a two story multiple office complex. Starrcos modular office solutions are:

·         Manufactured to precisely fit each unique application

·         Quick Installation: installed in a fraction of the time of conventional construction

·         Wide variety of materials, finishes and colors that allow the customer the freedom to design office systems that meet their specific needs and their personal style.


Starrcos Modular Clean Rooms can:

·                    Accommodate a wide variety of applications; i.e., sound or equipment enclosure to pharmaceutical applications

·              Contaminant-free environment: Starrco s interfacing clean room walls, floors, ceilings and mechanical components will provide a contaminant-free environment, effectively allowing control of air flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtration. 

·                All material is pre-cut, mitered

·               Completely finished installation is completed quickly; with minimal mess, dust and disruption.

·               Class 100 clean rooms condition can easily be obtained.


Starrco's Pre-Assembled Portable Buildings

·         Ideal for both interior and exterior uses:

o        Kiosks

o        Parking booths

o        Airport taxi dispatch offices

o        Toll booths

o        Security guardhouses

o        Ticket booths

o        Airport rental car offices

o        Cashier booths   

·         Maintenance free service

·         Shipped fully assembled, ready for immediate use and can be fitted for forklift pockets for easy relocation.


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