Advance Lift's Air Tables are Cost Effective..

Advance Lifts' Air Series offers a full line of Air Actuated Lift Tables. 
Great for the Automotive Industry
Capacity: 1,000 lbs.up to 16,000 lbs.
Travel 24 and 35 degree tilt                                                           
Platforms ranging from: 24 x 48 up to 144 x 72 : Double Wide, Double Long and  Double High Platforms
Combination Tables - Lift & Tilt Tables and Lift & Turn Tables are also available

There are many Advantages of Air Actuated Tables:
  • Uses Air Springs to lift or tilt the table
  • Prevention of hydraulic fluid links
  • Uses shop air. Saves on Electricity costs
  • Easier and more Cost Effective when relocating or adding new lines than re-running conduit and electrical lines

However there are disadvantages to air tables. The single biggest complaint is the springiness of the units. Due to the compressible nature of air, if the unit is anywhere other than fully up or fully down the table will move a little as loads are set on or removed from the table.

Two ways to overcome these problems:


  • Use a water glycol system to eliminate 90% of the springiness in the table. This system fills the air bag with liquid removing the compressible nature of the lift.
  • Most Popular- Put an Air Motor in a hydraulic lift. This option eliminates the springiness, allows any travel and still gives you the flexibility of using air.

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