Advance Lifts' Platform Centering Device


Advance Lifts has the solution to unbalanced load stress

One of the more structurally demanding operations a scissors lift can undergo is the repeated lifting of an off center load. Off center or unbalanced loads can place excessive stresses on every moving part of the lift but it is most stressful on the main axles and the roller wheels. As a lift with an unbalanced load travels up and down, the scissors legs will attempt to shift or move themselves in the direction of the lift that has the most weight on it. It is this shifting that causes moving parts to wear out quickly.

Advance Lifts recognized that there was no effective method of dealing with this problem other than counter weighting the lift to offset the unbalanced load. So the engineers at Advance Lift created the Platform Centering Device.
The Platform Centering Device positions the scissors legs to maintain a straight path of travel even if the load is not centered during operation. The centering device allows all of the scissors components to remain aligned during operation and dramatically reduces the wear seen under these conditions.

·        Double or Triples the life of the table

·        High Density Compound, for high wear ability

·        Replaceable

·        Eliminates need for roller wheels or main axles


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