Build Your Own Caster!

Build Your Own Caster - Now Available  
For those of you who are looking for an application specific Caster or just aren't sure what you need, this feature is perfect for you. Don't let the selection process stress you out, there is an easier way at B & C Industrial Products.  
Here's How It Works 
Step One : Follow this Link 
Step Two : Use the Filter by Attributes tool to limit down your choices. With each additional choice your caster options will limit down to exactly what you need.  
- Examples Below 
 Build Your Own Caster Function |   Build Your Own Caster | Visit B & C Today!
Step Three : Your Selection of Casters will show up near the bottom of your page, fitting your exact specs as entered. The photo below is an example of how your casters will show up when sorted. 
Kingpinless Casters | Build Your Own | Best Pricing @ B & C  
Pretty Easy, Right!? - The build your own feature is meant to make the caster selection process go smoother and the purchase process more stress free. If at any point you need any additional help or information on the products just Contact Us and our team would be more than happy to assist!