CasterShoX; The Quiet Caster

Caster Concepts, Inc. announces the release of a noise reducing, shock absorption caster built on patented ultra-compact shock absorption technology, developed in part with funding from the National Institutes of Health.
In January 2007, Caster Concepts announced the release of a radically new line of shock absorption casters. After two years of research and development and a quarter million dollar investment, Caster Concepts is launching its line of CasterShoX™ casters. Based on patented ultra-compact shock absorption technologies, the CasterShoX™ shock absorption core is entirely contained within the caster wheel. As a result, implementing CasterShoX™ products is as simple as changing wheels. Tested in industrial settings, CasterShoX™ casters reduce noise sources by as much as 15 dbA, a magnitude of reduction providing significant effect in reducing noise induced hearing loss. As a result, the National Institutes of Health funded R&D for this product.
CasterShoX™ casters are identical to conventional casters in appearance, shape and size. CasterShoX™ caster wheels come in two standard sizes, 6x2 and 8x2. Wheels can be treaded with high quality Caster Concepts polyurethane ranging from 70A to 70D. Solid, high strength, glass-filled nylon wheels are also available. CasterShoX™ casters are available in single or dual wheel configuration. CasterShoX™ wheels use a giant, super smooth 6013ZZ deep groove ball bearing which guarantees superior roll-ability and ergonomic factors.
The CasterShoX™ core provides 3/4 of an inch of compliance and is currently manufactured with three varieties of spring stiffness. The light duty core has a 500 lbs capacity, the medium, 1000 lbs., and the heavy duty core, 1500 lbs. Compared to traditional spring loaded casters, CasterShoX™ casters are smaller, more economical and better performing because they inherently add damping to ensure stability.