Choosing The Right Wheel Bearings For Your Application.



Roller Bearings

  • Standard bearing for general duty applications
  • All steel construction
  • Cost effective and reliable, but requires lubrication maintenance
  • Acceptable for high temperature applications.

Tapered Roller Bearings

  • Most effective bearing for maximizing load capacity
  • Performs well in towline and continuous use applications
  • Requires lubrication maintenance

Sealed Precision Bearings

  • Ergonomic solution: has the lowest rolling resistance of all bearing types. Requires the least amount of effort to start and maintain rolling motion
  • Sealed design requires no lubrication maintenance
  • Designed for use with top hat bushings
  • Wheel bore must be precision machined to install

Precision Radial Ball Bearings

  • Features same ergonomic characteristics as Sealed Precision Bearings with the advantage of having the bushings integrated into the design of the bearing
  • Requires no lubrication maintenance
  • For use with non-metallic hub wheels only
  • Fits stock wheel bore sizes