Durable USA Superior's DT Series " Total Locking Casters"



The DT Series Total Locking Casters have a dual pedal locking system for easy engage/disengage, even with work boots! The larger pedal is used to lock both the wheel and swivel raceway from moving, making sure your equipment is securely locked into position.  To lock the brake, simply press down on the larger pedal.  To release the brake, simply press down on the smaller raised pedal.
The DT Series Total Locking Caster is unique because to activate and release the brake you press down on the either of the pedals.  Most other brands you are required tp press down on to activate the lock and lift up to release.  Lifting up is sometime difficult if you are wearing safety shoes or boots.
  • Easy engage/ disengage action
  • Free Mobility
  • Available on 27 Series- 2" face casters
  • Abundant wheel choices


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