Email Marketing Campaign Coming Soon!

Sign Me Up! B & C Partnering with MailChimp for email Marketing!
I know I know, how many times have you gotten talked into signing up for an email campaign that offered nothing interesting back in return? Everybody has and we have been victim to the same thing believe me! We are setting out to change the way you view these emails. We will make sure not to bore you with fluff information but will instead offer product highlights of things you may not even know we have. That being said products you may already be buying from another vendor at a lower price may also be available here. You can rest assured every update we send is catered to engaging our customers and best of all saving you money on things we know you need! 
FAQs About Our Campaigns
1. How Often will you be sending me emails?
- After signing up you can expect 1 or 2 emails per month.
2. Will these emails really be informative?
-  Yes, our team is committed informing customers about new products and how they can save you money over time.
3. Will my Email address be sold to a third party vendor?
- Absolutely not, your address will only be kept secure and not shared with any other businesses in the process.
Give It A Try. You Won't Regret It!  
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