Hamilton Casters' Unique Twin Wheel Design


Swivel-EAZ Wheel is a Unique Twin Wheel Design:

·         Two Independent Swivel Surfaces

·         Internal Precision Bearings on one common axle

·         Polyurethane Wheel- Split outer polyurethane tread

·         Ergonomic and Economic Advantages over standard polyurethane wheels

·         Reduces Rolling Resistance

·         Minimize Start Force

·         Eliminates the need for costlier Dual Wheel casters

·         Non-Marking

·         Molded to Rust Resistant Aluminum cores

·         4 8 diameters

·         Two Treads:

o        Crown

o        Flat Face

·         Two Hardness:

o        80A

o        95A

·         Hamiltons 3 Year Product Warranty

·         Optional mounting on many Hamiltons industrial casters.

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