Harrington Hoist Introduces Cylinder Control Option

Harrington Hoists. Inc. has added an ergonomically designed cylinder control option to their line of (N)ER enhanced features Three Phrase Electric Chain Hoists.  This device allows the operator to control the hoist direction by moving the cylinder's in-line hand grip with one hand while positioning the load with the other hand.
The cylinder control is available on capacities of 1/8 and 1/4 ton in single speed and on the under-the-cover variable frequency drive dual speed models.  This option may be purchased completely installed on a hoist as a (N)ERCC model or as a retrofit kit for a previously purchased 1/8 or 1/4 (N)ER enhanced features hoist.
Harrington's (N)ER hoists are built environmentally friendly without the use of harmful materials.  The current draw required for operation has been reduced for energy efficiency while maintaining horsepower.  New motor, brake and inverter components lower noise levels resulting in increased operator comfort.  All models have a 3 year warranty.  These hoists are equipped with "The Guardian" Smart brake Technology, a failsafe maintenance-free brake with a 10 year warranty.

Enhanced premium quality features also include:
  • Low-headroom upper and lower limit switches,
  • Super strength, nickel-plated load chain
  • A 6 pocket load sheave
  • A count hour meter, which records lowering starts and hoists time, is standard on both the NER and ER models for preventive maintenance.
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