Harrington Hoist's Universal Beam Clamp!



Harrington Hoists -Universal Beam Clamps (UBC) compliments their hoists, cranes and material handling equipment. The Universal Beam Clamp is used when a temporary or semi-permanent hoist anchor point is required for overhead lifting and vertical rigging applications. The Universal Beam Clamp can also be used as a below-the-hook lifting device. Harrington Hoists rugged beam clamps provide solutions for holding and positioning beams for construction.


  • Available in 1 10 metric rated tons
  • Low Headroom with built in suspension pin
  • Resist Loosening with the lock nut feature
  • Wide Range is available with adjustable jaw opening for tapered and flat flanged beams
  • Standards: Meet ASME BTH-1, ASME B30.20 and comply with portions of ASME B30.16
  • Design Factor minimum of 5:1 per ASME B30.16 requirements
  • Optional: Suspender for perpendicular mounting and oversized hooks.
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