NEW ANSI Standards for Mezzanines!

NEW ANSI Standard requires SAFETY GATES during mezzanine loading and unloading.


In a recent ANSI publication, Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association describes the new safety standards for elevated structures i.e., mezzanines. The new specifications are intended to be applied to the design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of such structures.

In several sections, they describe the different requirements:

  • In Section 6.4- All gates that provide access through guards (i.e. safety railings) must meet the same strength and attachment requirements as the guards and must include kick plate that extends a minimum of 4 above the walking surface.
  • In Section 6.4.3- Any gate that provides an access opening through the guards for the purpose of loading and unloading material onto a work platform shall be designed such that the elevated surface is protected by guards at all times. Gates that swing open, slide open, or lift out leaving an unprotected opening in the guarding are not acceptable.
  • In Section 6.4.4- Gates that provide access openings through guards for purposes other than Section 6.4.3 that swing, slide or lift-put leaving an unprotected opening are permissible provided the worker on the elevated surface is protected by other means than the guarding (i.e. Full-body harness or other fall protection- OSHA 1926.501)


Wildeck offers safety gates that comply with the new ANSI standard, including:


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