NEW Caster Technology for the Heaviest Loads -up to 23,000 lbs!

Hamilton Casters NEW Swivel Technology
Hamilton Precision Integrated (HPI) technology is ideal for heavy duty forged steel casters.  HPI leaves conventional CNC-machined swivel raceways, kingpinless and unit load bearing swivel construction in the dust.

s HPI new design:

·         Improves the bearings element of contact

·         More than doubles the number of contact points

·         45% harder than conventional hardened raceways

·         Surface finish is an incredibly smooth 16 micro inches

·         Swivel more easily under heaviest loads- up to 23,000 lbs.

·         Outlast conventional swivel raceways

  • AVG- Automatic Guided Vehicles
  • Towline Carts

 Now standard equipment on Hamilton series:
  • MD/MDD- Maxi-Duty Series
  • EPSD- Enhanced Precision Super Duty
  • EHD- Extra Heavy Duty
  • ES- Extended Services
  • Most other standard Hamilton series can be upgraded to the HPI option

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