QC Industries' 300 Series - One of the Most VERSATILE Conveyor Platforms


B &C Industrial Products now carries QC INDUSTRIES 300 Series Conveyors


QC Industries 300 Series Conveyors are their most versatile conveyor platforms. These conveyors are ideal for applications where you need a positive drive, precision part placement or very high speed; by using a precision timing belt.


Precision Timing Belts feature:

  • Threaded Inserts that can be used to mount customer-supplied profiles to hold specific parts.
  • Easily changed by simply screwing onto the belts threaded inserts
  • Can be changed out in a single revolution of the belt
  • Sizes available up to 4 wide
  • Multiple belts on a single conveyor can handle wider parts
  • Capable of precision placement accurate to within +-.015
  • Low 3 high profile
  • Based on rugged steel frames

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