QC Industries' Straight Knurled Pulleys


Straight Knurled Pulleys

Diagram: Straight, Diamond, No Knurling | B & C Industrial ProductsBoth our Automation Series and Industrial Series conveyors have straight knurled drive pulleys. We've chosen straight knurling because it provides added traction to move the belt during the initial loading of start up as well as to offset the friction reducing influence of wet or oily environments.

Dorner uses a cut diamond knurl on their drive pulley. While the traction provided by a cut diamond knurl pulley is excellent, we've found that as the belt moves side to side with the natural tracking motion of the belt, this knurling acts like a file against the carcass and causes premature belt wear. Such wear can negatively affect belt tension and service life.

Some other competitors have no knurling at all. In order to provide the necessary friction, these conveyors require additional belt tension, which again causes premature belt wear and, in some cases, could lead to belt tracking problems and/or bearing failure.

In our testing, straight knurling has proven to provide the best balance of traction and belt life possible.
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