Three Products in One for QC Industries' Conveyors


QC Industries introduces a NEW conveyor accessory, the Adjustable Hopper, which includes two other products:
Flared side rails:

o        Can be used as a stand alone accessory

o        Ideal for applications that require a drop zone wider than the width of the conveyor.

o        Attaches to the conveyor with adjustable guide rails

o        Available in 12 to 48 lengths 

End stops:

o        Can be used in conjunction to the flared side rails

o        Allows better control in directing product flow

o        Compatible with 1 and 2 cleats

o        Equipped with a swing gate to help contain products
                                                             Creating Three Products in One! 

  +   + 

The greatest amount of product flow can be obtained by adding an additional end stops to the configuration, thereby creating a hopper. The Adjustable Hopper is created by using flared side rails with two end stops, one on either end, that are adjustable down the length of the rail.

The flared side rails, end stops, and adjustable hopper are designed with:

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