Mast-Style Jib Crane Mast-Style Jib Cranes Mast-Style Jib Crane
Mast-Style Jib Cranes: 
With this system you have a full range of 360 degree rotation without the need of costly foundation mounting. This is possible due to being able to bolt the base to the floor and the top to new or existing overhead support. Saving on the foundation can add more room in your budget for different projects or any customization your system may need to suit your application.
- Capacities up to 5 tons with standard models and 10 tons with custom specifications
- Spans up to 20' with standard models and 40' with custom specifications
- Heights up to 20' with standard models and 40' with custom specifications
- No special foundation required, very economical for 360 degree rotation jib cranes 
Series Options:
  • 200 Series - Full Cantilever: Maximum clearance underneath with boom mounted at the top of the mast. This style allows for maximum amount of lift.  
  • 201 Series - Drop Cantilever: Identical to the 200 series with added side plate connections to permanently "drop mount" the boom at your chosen height. This allows for added clearance from overhead structures that are located below the top of the mast.  
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