PF Series

PF-Series Gantry  PF-Series Gantry Crane PF-Series Gantry
PF (Portable Frame) Series Gantry: Spanco's PF Series offers high weight capacity, height, and span that many gantry cranes simply cannot. We can also customize this system to make sure it fits your next project application. 
PF Series Characteristics: 
  •  Capacities up to 15 tons 
  • Under I-Beam Height of up to 35 feet. 
  • Standard Spans up to 40 Feet. 
  • Custom Spans up to 50 Feet. 
PF Series is right for you:
  • For buildings that cannot support overhead cranes this system is self-supported traveling directly on your floor. 
  • For moderate lifting volume there is a price advantage using this series over permanently installed cranes. 
  • For rented facilities you can relocate when the need arises. 
  • When using forklifts and other lifts become inefficient for your application the PF Series becomes ideal.  
*** Customization is available for this series.   
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